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Your EXCELLENT customer service continues to impress. Thank you so much for your help!
  Robert Youngblood, Atlanta, GA
I've been using Calendarscope for many years and I just wanted to say I LOVE your product! When I installed it on my new laptop, I just transferred my data file from my old computer and, voila, everything was on my new system. It was so easy. Then I downloaded your app for syncing with Google calendar and my calendar is on my phone!! Yea! Everyone always asks me how I stay so organized and the first thing I tell them is to get Calendarscope. Thanks for making a great product that works beautifully and sells for a reasonable price.
  Amy Brunsting, New Braunfels, TX
Allow me to compliment you on your calendar software. I had despaired at ever finding a piece of calendaring software that thought as I did. Over the last six months, I've tried more than a dozen packages (even paid for a couple) and none have had the stunning combination of simplicity and power of your version.

Particularly insightful is your implementation of event types and especially the fact that you can perform all the variety of Calendarscope activities archiving, printing, exporting and importing, web page generating, etc.) with the filters enabled and controlling the activity.

Your cleverness, clarity of design and implementation and user interface are simply unparalleled in this type of application.

Your combination of simplicity and power is very rare indeed.

I'm stunned, simply stunned. I would not have thought it possible that I would find an app (especially after searching for so long) that would so exactly match my needs, virtually to the last detail. I was looking at systems costing more than $100 and up and was willing to pay it if I only could bend them around to my needs. That your app serves my needs so exactly (WITHOUT any bending, I might add) for $30 is nothing less than incredible.

  Steve Amos
I'm using an evaluation copy of Calendarscope and I’ve just got to tell you that it’s WONDERFUL! It is so adaptable! I have searched throughout the Internet to find a programme which would allow me to schedule, e.g. the “1st Thursday in every month“ and one that will allow me to alter one recurring event and not all of them. I am using your programme to schedule events and services in my church and so need to change the subject of various activities which take place each week — also there may be a visiting Pastor so I have to change that but not the time of the service. I am absolutely delighted — I CANNOT FAULT IT!
  Jean Miller
Just a note to tell you how much your calendar program has eased my scheduling problems. I first discovered and starting using this program at my business to schedule reservations and private parties. It had all the components I needed.

Two months ago, Hurricane Katrina hit our area. My restaurant had 6 feet of water and we will be closed for some time. However, I knew I needed the calendar program on my computer in my home office.

Yesterday, I went online, found the site and purchased the program.

I can't tell you how much this has helped me and I would recommend this program to anyone who has a busy schedule and needs to track appointments days, weeks or months in advance.

  Karen Durham
Just a comment about Calanderscope -

I have tried many like programs until I literally stumbled upon Calanderscope.

Having now purchased the program and been using it a while the adage comes to mind with veritable huge meaning - "I've used the rest BUT now I'm using THE BEST".
I would confirm this is the best money I have spent in a long while, it does everything (and more) than the closest of it's rivals.
Thank you for a "Brilliant" program, and be assured of my continued support for your programs.

  Ray Foster (United Kingdom)
Fantastic program. Simple yet elegant interface. love the way that I can move events around on the calendar by just click, dragging, and resizing. It has all of the recurring events scheduling power that I could ever need as well!
  John Jay
Calendarscope is a truly useful and reliable product; I don't forget birthday's anniversaries, appointments etc., I use it to log payments, who to and how much, I therefore have a record of when I paid a bill. When car maintenance, insurance, tax etc are due. Calendarscope is one of the finest products on the market today. Definitely a must for making ones life easier.
  Gus Horsepoo
I have never seen a calendar this user-friendly. The ability to change the format of each item is in itself amazing. The ease of saving the monthly calendar as a webpage, the many tools options, and the ability to export to other software programs are the main attractions for me. I chose Calendarscope over other programs because it simply works better. I can't rave enough about this software!
  Kim Newman
I looked for ten years to dozens of alarms, calendars, blabla and none were satisfying. I even worked with a "task manager" which was finally badly designed and slow, eventhough it had some nice features.
Your program is:
    - swift
    - esthetic
    - functional
    - practical
    - very intuitive
    - totally logical

  Francis Molle
I used Calendarscope for a couple of weeks and found it is just right for my purposes. I thought about what I wanted in a calendar program, and when I saw Calendarscope I couldn't believe it! It was just as I had thought about -- perfect!!!
  Stephen Foss
After 'playing' with this program for just a few minutes I could clearly see that I was 'in love'!!!!! Why even CONSIDER a different program!!! This one does it ALL! I am able to customize it to MY needs and wants!!! I'm an 'asthetics freak'; I want to be able to customize fonts, colors, etc.!!!!! Like I said, this one does it ALL for me!!!
  Nancy Bradley
Calendarscope is an example of software as art. It's brilliant concept, functional interface, and complete reliability make it one of the most useful and used programs I own.
  William Collins
Calendarscope broke away from the idiot model and came up with something simple and elegant. The point is to make my life easier, so I want something that is as easy to use as a wall calendar, but sends me reminders when I want them. It is customizable, and I found that I can save schedules as html and e-mail them or post to a website and email a link. A little common sense goes a long way.
  Steve Burch
Thanks for all your help and for a great calendar! I love Calendarscope and now that I have it on my PDA, I'm able to take it with me. I work from my home and Calendarscope is great for keeping track of my family calendar, my work schedule and customer appointments. It also helps me with scheduling as I can see what I have going at all times.
  Katharine Lowry
Thank you again for your constant efforts to improve Calenderscope. I've been using Calenderscope for a long time now and use it a lot for my everyday planning. Calenderscope has come a long way now and I love to use it. Please keep up the good work.
  Joe Laferrera
I like your product very much, seems to be the best calendar around, was looking and comparing other products on the internet.
    - the layout is very clear, the program is very comfortable
    - less use of memory, fast
    - seems to be a programm which has a "future".
  Mark Schrodter
I just want to let you know, I have used your program with great satisfaction, in the ( recent) past; while in the business world. Now that I have recently retired I find that I use it at least as much if not more than before. It continues to make my life (just a little easier).
  Bill Dwyer
I really appreciate how active you are working to make this calendar program better and better. So, I wanted to thank you for making a good program progressively better.
  Peter Deniet
I Would Like To Say Your Calendar Program is All That I Expected and I Would Like To Say That You Have a 100% Thumbs up Satisfied Customer. You Have Made an Excellent Program Where You Can Add Multiple Events of Differing Types and Make Them Printable, Too. Good Job. I Will Enjoy This Program For a Long Time To Come.
  Alvin Gerard
This is a neat product! I'm glad I bought it. Easy to use, flexible, customizable... I looked at 15-20 calendar programs before settling on yours.
  Jerry Murbach
Just having to say how much I love Calendarscope -- great product and great organizing tool for helping me keep track of what I need to do. About the best investment in software I have ever made.
  Duncan Saunders
I just tried the Calendarscope and was really, really impressed!
I have to congratulate you on a job well done.
I am definitely buying this one, it's worth every penny.
  Peter Pavlovcik
First of all, I'd like to compliment you on your Calendarscope software, as it's clearly an extremely high quality program. I spent over 12 hours reviewing and evaluating calendar programs before selecting this one as the best. In fact, if I was a computer genius who knew how to write a calendar program, I would have made it exactly like this one.

It's 10 times better for calendar type information management than a $300 database program I was using. And it's really a steal at $29, because after tryng out so many crappy calendar programs, I'd pay $100 for your program if I had to. But then that's just me, as I recognize superior software when I use it, and I really appreciate it.

Compared with other calendar programs I've tried, especially the ones available for the Macintosh platform, your program is like a finely tuned Rolls Royce vs a fleet of Volkswagons. You've thought of virtually every detail possible to make this program something that anyone could use to get their life organized fast. I just hope you never eliminate any features when you make changes to the program in the future--as I love every one of them.
  Gary Metcalf
I believe that Calendarscope is one of the best pieces of software I have seen and used in the last 20 years. Calendarscope is a brilliant software program. I use it daily to track appointments, birthdays, periodic maintenance events and a lot more. I can schedule events months in advance and not have to worry about forgetting them (like my anniversary). The data can be backed up in case of computer failure and data restores flawlessly. I looked for a long time for a program that would run as wallpaper on my desktop and there is nothing anywhere that compares with Calendarscope for convenience, reliability, and ease of use.
  Bill Collins
The only time I have ever contacted you is when I had a problem which have been numerous. Today I just wanted to thank you. I was making a lot of changes to our monthly calendar. I was about 1/2 the way through when the power went out. Figuring I would have to do everything over again I was really mad. I start Calendarscope up again and all the changes were still there. It saved me about an hour of retyping. I'm not sure how it saved it but I wish more companies would do the same as you.
  Tom Frawley
Two days. That's how long it took me to evaluate Calendarscope and come to a decision. Two days into my evaluation, I was sending off my $29.95 for a license.

This is one great product!

I was looking for a Microsoft Outlook replacement for home use. After trying close to a dozen other calendar packages, I stumbled upon Calendarscope. Moving to Calendarscope from Outlook was easier than I expected. After exporting my Outlook calendar to ical format, I just imported it to Calendarscope using the built-in import function. All my appointments were there just as in Outlook. Calendarscope shines when it comes to scheduling new tasks or appointments. The interface and procedure for scheduling is nearly identical to Outlook, so I had absolutely no learning curve. The recurrence patterns are more adjustable than any other software out there. That's really important for my scheduling needs. The size and speed of Calendarscope is very impressive, as well. I'm a real stickler when it comes to letting programs or processes run if they are not necessary. With Calendarscope, though, the small size of the program allows me to let it run all the time in the background without affecting performance of my other applications. I'll never miss another appointment because I didn't let my calendar (Outlook) run in the background. The program is quick, too. From start-up to shut-down and every aspect in between, Calendarscope breezes through all the tasks. Your programmers did an excellent job of coding this program and squeezing it into just over 2MB. No bloat-ware here.What really sold me on Calendarscope was the ability to share calendars over my home network. Outlook couldn't do that unless I spent BIG $$$$ on setting up a MS Exchange server. I can't believe your software is so inexpensive! Everyone who uses Outlook for home use owes it to themselves to try out Calendarscope. You've got me as a customer for a long, long time. By the way, I found your program through a search for calendar programs at Download.com. This program needs more exposure.
  Kenneth J. Wozniak
I registered with Calendarscope because it is a simple easy program to use. My husband and i spent nights looking for an appointment style calendar for me to use for my appointments. We looked at many that were available over the net We found this to be the most user friendly.
  Naomi Scott
I LOVE your calendar program and the reminder program too. I use many software programs for a variety of reasons, and yours have been practically life-changing. I have always been a rather scattered, disorganized creative type, and your programs have helped me to meet my deadlines better and be more productive. I often sit at my computer and edit photos in Photoshop - and as I work, thoughts of things I have to do float through my head. Now, with the calendar and the tasks/events options at my fingertips, and can quickly go to those and record what I still need to do before I forget. Now, those things actually get done! I love it! Especially the ability to continually remind myself about things. I can't say enough good things about your programs. They're just wonderful! Thank you.
  Karin Naimark

  I've been searching hard to find the right calendar to organize my 4 children's hectic schedule. I am very pleased with your color coordinated Calendarscope. Every morning, each kid checks his/her own schedule by opening up the calendar. It is easy to recognize and fun to play around with the colors. Thanks.
  HAejin(Grace) Park